How Consignment Works

1.  Email photos to: or, for larger quantities (more than 3 rooms) or full estates, schedule an appointment with one of our staff members. You may also visit our Consign Now area of this website for our email address and email us with information about your items such as: original price, manufacturer, purchase location, appraisal information, etc. Normally we price your items based upon our expertise, research and history of pricing “like items” – if you have a valuable item, collectible, antique or something of extreme value, we will contact you when we are pricing your pieces to discuss our thoughts. When our Delivery Manager is picking up your items, if you have a specific price in mind we ask that you add that to your contract at that time. If we are not in agreement or have questions we will contact you to discuss pricing. Please send receipts, invoices, appraisals etc. with the Delivery Manager to assist us with accurately pricing your items. We want you to receive the most you can for your consigned pieces. Any assistance you can give us is appreciated.

2.  Please call our store and we will be happy to schedule a time to pick up your items. Pick up for our consignors is FREE. Once we have determined fair market value of your items, a member of our staff will contact you to discuss the selling prices if you wish. You are also welcome to deliver your items to our retail store during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Please call our store at 919-489-5333 to make an appointment to bring your items for evaluation, especially if you wish to bring a large quantity (more than 5 boxes). We do not accept items for evaluation on Saturday or Sunday.

3.  We display your item for 120 days (although our average sales time is 14-21 days). Our markdown policy is:

  • 0-30 Days – No Markdown
  • 31-60 Days – 15%
  • 61-90 Days – 15%
  • 91-120 Days – 15%

Additionally, items consigned may have one markdown or be priced “firm” with no reduction. After 120 days, if your item has not sold, the consignor may choose to pick their items back up, have us return them to you for a charge of $40.00 or donate the items to charity and receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Consignors receive 50% of their items sold, unless an alternative split has been agreed upon!

4.  Consignor payments will be available on the first day of each month. They will be held in the store until the 15th of the month, offering each consignor ample time to pick up their checks personally. Those not claimed in the store will be mailed.  Please allow 7 to 10 days to receive your check if it is mailed. WE ENCOURAGE ALL CONSIGNORS TO PICK UP THEIR CHECKS PERSONALLY.  We enjoy seeing you in our store and this is a great opportunity for us to visit! Consignors who do not live locally may opt to be paid with one payout at the end of the contract period rather than receive multiple checks.

5.  If you do not have a digital camera or have no access to the internet, we invite you to stop by our showroom and bring us a traditional photo to review. We are always happy to help you!